Lost and Found #43
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Lost and Found #43

You cry out inside can’t you see shambles Mama, what I’ve become? Ndodna Nda don da can’t they see the blood on my leaves, Mama? Mama, why can’t they ndon da da don d’n da see shambles the light of your/God’s son? Why can’t they love me Mama AAAAAAAH OW like you would have done? Continue reading

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By Nicholas Brady Say Violence In any instance Is wrong, Type that On a computer made Of bones and crushed Minerals and lives lost In mines, made mine Life is diamond Precious enough to Glow, we must protect What is mines Say violence if you Take mines, but won’t Say violence when they Take you … Continue reading

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“What to Say? What Can Be Said?”; or, “Lost Black Words: Vol. ∞”

“Bring wings to the weak Bring grace to the strong Make all evil stumble as it flies in the world All the tribes come and the mighty will crumble We must brave this night And have faith in love…” 4 voices in the room. “We need two cars, right? Two cars?” “Yeah, because your dad’s … Continue reading

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4/31 of “The Dark Album: Conduit” – “I’m Locked Inside Dying of Thirst”

John Murillo III This project is one I came up with while dealing with the not-so-well hidden vitriol of my department toward me, my project, and my thinking. It’s called “The Dark Album: Conduit” because this is a set of conversational remixes. I’m putting myself in conversation with other poets, musicians, and artists, living and … Continue reading

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Hotel Oblivion: A Love Letter to Love, Blackness, and Androids

This piece is one I wrote as part of a trilogy. I wanted to write about Janelle Monáe’s music with enough time and space to capture everything I saw, everything I thought, and everything I thought she was/is doing. This is the first, about Metropolis Suite, and it’ll just work with this album. Each piece … Continue reading

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Smile Undun^2: Fruitvale Station Premier

By John Murillo III Everything is out of order, nothing is constitutive to the order of chaos; the mind, the electric order of chaos, and the manifestations of the imagination—for example, memory—participate in illusory ordering for the sake of the grander illusion of wholeness, pureness, sanity, selfhood. Accuracy might not ever be a farce, if … Continue reading