Freedom? No

Freedom won’t come, Freedom is won.

Freedom is confused.

Black, freedom doesn’t know you!

Black, freedom has been running.

Black, freedom has been waiting.

Black, freedom doesn’t answer your calls.

Black, freedom is a relationship you never had at all.

Freedom is a thought in your imagination, you have yet to bring to life.

Freedom says create me.

Freedom says make love and make me.


Freedom was delivered in chains.

Freedom was tearing holes in the cement, so her descendants could never forget.

They are still in the slave forts, floating in the sea, even if their feet pound cement streets.

You don’t know Free.

Take the cries and the riff and runs

and the shouts of the guns

and pounds of the drums

the fear, we succumb,

Take all that you know to be Free.

To be Black

To release back

And Be Black.

The world is a crazy place to live,

the mind is a crazy place to be.



By: Sakina Ibrahim




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