Murder of Blacks (For Korryn)

By Nicholas Brady

Coal feathered wings
Stretch forth, sharp toed sneakers kick off
Catch a current. finally look up
Look down, screech explodes forth
Out for your murder, no words
Scream murder anyway

Why they keep screaming
Murder, voice sounds bloody
Find others, crying, make new form
Find more, screech interminably
When will it end?
I ask to no one, but he heard
Jerome waz nice
Enough to teach my foolish ass
I asked the question before I knew I was asking
He answered before I ever spoke
Like a pride or a band
Crows come together as murders
Then, what are we?

“I’ll live forever,
My nigga
We share this path like
Students share hallways
You were something greater than a Knight though
Or you showed us how to be greater
Black feathers blow on us
As your wings spread, no vampire can touch you

Lift off to where we can no longer see
Where the murder increases, where we scream together
Higher than a castle on the highest point in the city
Look down, we look around
Look up, we try to see the world as you do
Listen to how you answered
What are we?

“The struggle is eternal. The tribe increases. Somebody else carries on.” -Ella Baker


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