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No Country

By Nicholas Brady Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album is criminally slept on, an example of how far a first impression can carry on. The album cannot escape how badly it was received when it was released in 2002. Many critics described Unplugged as her descent into “celebrity madness,” the ableist media’s object of obsession. … Continue reading

Creative / Stories


by John Murillo III Aspiración Blue-purple corn dough clings like film to sticky fingers. Stolen petrichor on these surgical digits, the earthen wetness smells like so much midnight rain on soil. Such rich loam, so fertile, the mash of nighttime sky, earth and water. A ceramic vessel sits atop scarred and weathered mahogany, pregnant with … Continue reading


Freedom? No

Freedom won’t come, Freedom is won. Freedom is confused. Black, freedom doesn’t know you! Black, freedom has been running. Black, freedom has been waiting. Black, freedom doesn’t answer your calls. Black, freedom is a relationship you never had at all. Freedom is a thought in your imagination, you have yet to bring to life. Freedom says … Continue reading



By Mackala Lacy “Death is seen as a stage of life. The living dead are still members of the tribe, and personal immortality is assured as long as one’s memory is continuously passed down to each generation by the tribe’s oral historian.” (White & Parham, 1990) To start this piece I tried to make a … Continue reading