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Lost and Found #43
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Lost and Found #43

You cry out inside can’t you see shambles Mama, what I’ve become? Ndodna Nda don da can’t they see the blood on my leaves, Mama? Mama, why can’t they ndon da da don d’n da see shambles the light of your/God’s son? Why can’t they love me Mama AAAAAAAH OW like you would have done? Continue reading


Degree Zero Rage

By Nicholas Brady Today Breonna Taylor would have been 27. If she were not murdered, perhaps today would have been a happy day, filled with love and celebration. Instead her killers still receive a paycheck and her loved ones have wounds that are healing and other wounds that will never heal. In spite of this, … Continue reading

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A Mote and A Minute: Deranged Facets of We and the Making

Facet 1 Untimeliness “The problem to be considered here is one of time” —Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Mask Another one left smoldering and empty, and only time will tell. Michael’s body lays splayed on hot asphalt in the sun uncovered for approximately 4.5 hours. Sun overseeing the passage of time and the truth of … Continue reading


No Country

By Nicholas Brady Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album is criminally slept on, an example of how far a first impression can carry on. The album cannot escape how badly it was received when it was released in 2002. Many critics described Unplugged as her descent into “celebrity madness,” the ableist media’s object of obsession. … Continue reading